We are serving more than 9 million subscribers in the MENA region, including Egypt, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Tunisia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA, and the United Arab Emirates, through various gaming platforms and mobile applications.

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Web-based Portals

One of the effective mediums for providing video-centric services is web-based services and portals. We are sophisticated in delivering content worldwide to benefit from it regardless of their OS or device.

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We Are a Digital Magician

Digital marketing tools and measures are our secret weapons. We are a top player in using modern marketing tools in the digital world, from social media to popular websites in local markets, and run Google Ads campaigns and beyond.

DCB Platform

We are delivering a quality DCB Platform for the M-VAS aggregation services for SMEs in the region.
We have managed 15+ Million messages daily for more than 2200 services. We have also provided our DCB Platform’s infrastructure to more than 200 content providers having more than 25 Million active subscribers.

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Advertisement Platform
AppNex is the next-generation platform for user acquisition for mobile applications, online media, and VOD systems. With the help of AppNex, you can acquire loyal users with a higher retention rate, more substantial lifetime value, and consistent ROI.

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  • Providing valuable yet exciting subjects to the end-users via SMS, doing targeted marketing measures for promoting text-based services by bulk messages and other marketing strategies, analyze customer behavior by BI techniques, and providing text-based contests for lottery games, realtime infotainment matches, and TV shows.

Rich Media

  • In countries with stable access to the internet over the carrier, delivering rich content is a game-changer in M-VAS the business. We are providing valuable services over online platforms, mobile apps, VOD systems, and similar means. We are working with well-known content, development, marketing, and business expansion teams across borders.


  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers. IVR is a productive method to develop services for education, entertainment, and providing information. We have designed it for educational consulting, providing audio entertainment and education for kids in the MENA, and also tourism information system.

Popular Categories

Health & Lifestyle

Did you believe in ancient herbal remedies, as the Chinese do in their past couple of thousand years ago? Guess what? We have a mobile application full of videos of experts talking about useful herbs. Besides, the app is full of text recipes for magical drinks and herbal teas.


Video Card is one of our popular applications. It is a modern approach to learn the English language with the help of famous movie footage. The app has tons of movie clips with a well defined educational syllabus to learn new words and expressions and get familiar with the language.


Mini-games have become more favorable than ever so that people can have a short break and have fun with their smartphones. This web-based game portal is accessible with any device connected to the Internet, with no specific hardware/software requirement.


We have a reputed mobile application for kids full of mini-games related to preschool education. The app is loaded with puzzles and funny match games that entertain children for a couple of hours. It also takes the benefit of English Language learning games for better results.

Sports & Exercise

No matter you are a novice yogi or a professional yoga lover, this video-based application rocks! Especially in the lockdown days and nights of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, it helps keep your body and soul fit. Users may use the mobile app or online portal.


Do you like the fun and excitement of football results prediction? Football Fantasy mobile application is the best choice for you to get the latest news on your favorite football club and have fun with its gamification. The application was a rock in the MENA region.

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  • Phone : +90 - 2129003577
  • Address : Fulya Mahallesi, Ortaklar Caddesi, No. 2, 11 Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey